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UK-US Special Relationship & The YLUK Program

Published on 2019-09-03 us-uk-special-relationshop-and-yluk

The United States and The United Kingdom are similar in a number of ways. Not only are languages and religions alike, but London and New York City are two of the most popular metropolises in the world, bearing..


New rules regarding entry to the U.S. if you have travelled to North Korea

Published on 2019-08-09 new entry regulations vwp

You might be wondering "What are the latest rules regarding entry to the United States if you have travelled to North Korea?". Read on to find out what recent changes have been made, what this means for travellers..


The Top Things to Do in Alabama

Published on 2019-08-05 Top Things to Do in Alabama

From classic southern barbecue and world-class museums to waterfalls and wineries, Alabama has something for everyone to enjoy. Its sandy beaches are pristine and white, it’s history is rich, and its cities are buzzing..


Why do we celebrate 4th of July? (United States' Independence Day)

Published on 2019-07-03 4th of july fireworks

America’s Independence Day is one of the country’s most widely celebrated holidays. Otherwise known as the 4th of July, the holiday commemorates what is arguably the most important day..


A Short Guide To Visa-Free Travel For UK Citizens: ESTA

Published on 2019-06-25 5d11de81c07b7visa-free-travel-with-ESTA.jpg

Unless you hold a Permanent Resident Card, you’ll generally be required to have your travel plans authorized through the “Visa Waiver Program” (VWP), which enables visa-free travel with an ESTA..


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