An Unforgettable Vacation in Illinois

Published on 2019-01-09


An Unforgettable Vacation in Illinois 8 Cool Things to do

Illinois is a vibrant, modern and beautiful state where you can enjoy everything, from its tallest Catsup Bottle, Kaskaskia Dragon, Lincoln Park Zoo – to the oldest public zoo, Morton city (also called pumpkin capital of the world), and Chicago River - the only river in the world that runs backward.

The state gets its name from the Illiniwek people, who were its natives. Interestingly, there is a city called Metropolis, which is the home of fictional Superman, which has its own Super Museum, where you can enjoy Superman memorabilia, and it plays host to the yearly Superman Celebration.

8 Cool and Adventurous Things to do in Illinois

With so much to explore, you are offered about a hundred things to fill your appetite for fun and adventure in Illinois. We have brought down the list to eight cool and adventurous things to try out:

  1. Visit Tiffany Dome - This majestic dome spans 38 feet in diameter and is made up of 1134 feet of beautiful, colorful mosaic glass. A one-of-a-kind structure in the world.
  2. Check out Woolly Mammoth Antiques and Oddities – It’s an interesting place, one that fills your curiosity with its odd, bizarre items and hand-made items.
  3. Explore Ox Park – The Park is themed after the ‘Wizard of Oz’ story and features its characters in the form of statues. Likewise applies to the playground and other amenities.
  4. Adventure at Mermet Springs – Adventure-lovers can enjoy diving, where they can see not just freshwater fish but also interesting underwater debris plus an underwater zoo.
  5. Timber Ridge Outpost & Cabins – Lovely and affordable place to stay. Lunch or dine and its stimulating outdoor environment is exciting, with modern facilities and a treat away from mundane hotels.
  6. Photos At World’s Largest Catsup Bottle – It’s a roadside attraction, just right for taking photos, but one that stands 170ft tall. There is a grand festival here every summer.
  7. Waldmire Land Yacht - Located at route 66 Hall of Fame Museum in Downtown Pontiac. It’s a school bus turned into an artistic creation on wheels by artist Bob Waldmire, and you can ride on it to explore places around.
  8. McDonald's – After some exploration, the food’s what’s needed to put more zest into you for more adventure. Their world-famous menu might not be the healthiest, but every now and again you can treat yourself, right?

There are more exciting places like these and as you get around you will come across each of them, which will inspire and excite you even further!


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