How To Plan The Perfect Disney Vacation

Published on 2019-04-17


Disney World

There's a reason people call Disney World the happiest place on Earth.

This dream of a theme park is the physical culmination of every single happy memory Disney has created and can be a thrill to visit. But, only with the right planning.

Because people across the globe love Disney, their parks are understandably busy places.

On average, Disney World will host well over 50 million guests every year. So, if you want to get the most out of your Disney vacation, thorough planning and preparation are essential to beating the crowds.

If you're ready to start putting together your trip to Disney but aren't sure where to even begin, don't worry! We have a few tips to help ensure you get the most out of your trip.

Here are a few essential tips for planning the perfect Disney vacation, so you won't have to worry once you get to the park.


Start Planning Right Now

There's no such thing as being too prepared!

If you only take one thing away from this guide, it should be that the key to planning the ultimate Disney holiday is to start planning as soon as you can.

Once you decide to visit Disney, you need to start putting together a list of things you want to do and creating a plan for how you're going to fit everything.

While having a written-out schedule may not seem like much of a holiday, Disney World is massive and chock full of things to see and do. A plan can help cut down on the confusion and chaos of visiting for the first time.

Stay on Site

While there are plenty of hotels in Orlando, there are a lot of benefits that come with staying on a Disney property.

Aside from being closer to the park, guests who stay on site have access to better park hours and get the first choice when it comes to reservations.

Disney has several different resorts on site, so you're sure to find one to suit you.

Reserve Everything

As we said before, the key to the ultimate Disney holiday is planning everything out early.

Disney World is home to hundreds of rides, shows, activities, and restaurants. If you want to make sure you get to do everything you want to do, then you should consider booking reservations for everything.

If you're staying on site, you can start booking fast passes and dining reservations long before you ever set foot in the park. Which, ensures that once you arrive, you won't be stuck waiting for hours in queues.

Visit During the Off-Season

The only downside to a Disney vacation is the inevitable crowd. Fortunately, with the right planning ahead of time, you can avoid an overcrowded park.

Try to plan your Disney holiday for a time during the offseason, and to have the bulk of your stay be over weekdays, not weekends.

While in the park, you can use a crowd tracking app to help you plan around the busiest areas. So, you can get the most out of your time in the park.

Don't Stay Too Long

Finally, theme parks are like sweets. They're fun at first, but after a few bites, you'll be ready to call it quits.

While you want to you give yourself enough time to see and do everything you want, you shouldn't try to stay more than a few days, or you risk theme park burnout.

Also, you should try to schedule in plenty of breaks and downtime to give you and your family time to recover.

In the US, people call Florida the "Sunshine State." Which means, you should expect plenty of heat and sun, on top of all the walking and crowds.

Planning Your Dream Disney Vacation

Disney World is one of the happiest and most magical places you can visit. Couple that with its ever-growing list of attractions, including the soon to open Star Wars park, and you can be sure Disney will always be busy.

But, despite the crowds, you can still have a perfect Disney vacation, with the right planning!

Now that you know how to plan the ultimate Disney holiday, it's time to start preparing for your trip.

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