Seattle Restaurant Week

Published on 2019-01-05


Seattle Restaurant Week

Seattle serves more than good coffee. It has its share of major tourist attractions: The Space Needle, Pike Market, Museum of Pop Culture, and more. In 2019, the city hosts its Seattle Restaurant Week from April 8 through April 17 and fall from October 27 to November 7.

Seattle Restaurant Week offers deals to encourage residents across King County and tourists from everywhere to dine. Over 165 restaurants in nearly every neighborhood in the Seattle area offer a special three-course dinner menu for $35. Many also offer two-course lunches for $20. Prices do not include drinks. But, these specials are available only Sunday through Thursday; this excludes dining on Friday, Saturday and Sunday brunch.

Seattle Restaurant Week encourages diners a great opportunity to visit the award-winning restaurants they’ve always wanted to try or rediscover their old favorites. It’s a festival of local and international cuisines, the recipes and eating experiences that contribute to Seattle’s character and reputation.

The three-course dinner menus include an appetizer, entrée, and dessert while the lunch menus offer an appetizer and entrée, or entrée and dessert. The format may vary among restaurants, but many offer guests three optional menus. Because the restaurants are required to provide at a dinner priced at least $42, you’ll be saving money.

Reservations are strongly recommended but not required at most venues, but before you pick your restaurant, be sure to apply for your ESTA at least 72 hours before you fly into the United States.

Seattle Restaurant Week started when a group of local restauranteurs united to show thanks to their loyal customers and invite others to try their menus. Since its start, the celebration has hosted thousands with a wide variety of area tastes and venues. From fine dining to comfort food, from steaks to seafood, from international cuisines to all-American dishes, Seattle Restaurant Week draws thousands to beautiful and fun places to eat and drink around town.

As you get closer to the scheduled 2019 events, you’ll be able to preview restaurants and deals at their website. Last year’s co-participating included downtown’s Cortina, Bellevue’s The Lake House, and Green Lake’s Nell’s Restaurant. Each of these is a fine, innovative, and unique dining experience. The list included the cozy ambiance at Marine Hardware, group dining at Monsoon Seattle, and the garden setting at Poppy.

You’ll find vegan options, sushi specialties, and juicy burgers in rooms formal, casual, and in between. Just one (out of three) dinner option at Nell’s Restaurant went like this:

Appetizer: House-made Fettuccini with Penn Cove Mussels, Basil, Spring Garlic and Cherry Tomatoes

Entrée: Braised Lamb Shoulder with Corona Beans, Brussels Sprouts, Rosemary and Red Wine Jus

Dessert: Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp with Black Pepper Ice Cream

The $35 Seattle Restaurant Week price offered an incredible bargain for fine dining created by an award-winning chef from the pride of Northwest purveyors in a casual yet cozy dining room.

Being Seattle, the Emerald City is vested in its seafood. Last year’s restaurants include Aqua with its fantastic waterfront location, but I prefer the feel in the wood-paneled warmth of Ballard’s Annex Oyster House. You’ll feel like your eating on a fisherman’s wharf with choices among tanks of whole Dungeness crab and Maine lobsters or choices from shellfish, seafood, and soup.

Chefs can change their menus season to season based on their creativity. But, as the celebration approaches, they will publish their planned Seattle Restaurant Week surprises. If your experience is enough to make you return, everyone benefits.

Seattle Restaurant Week offers residents and tourists an excellent opportunity to sample superb food at a super low price. The festival lasts long enough to let you try a whole new variety of dishes including Korean barbecue, Vietnamese, and Asian fusion menus in addition to the French and Italian cuisines. It’s your chance to explore and enjoy dining where you might not be able to afford.

Wherever you dine, you will be served the work of great chefs from all over the city, county, and globe. It’s your chance to experience the best at bargain prices without passes, tickets, or coupons. So, this is your notice to make your plans now to visit and dine Seattle this spring or fall. It’s also advisable to those flying in from afar—on pleasure or business—to make your travel plans easier by filing your online U.S. ESTA as required. Happy traveling and happy dining!


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