12 Things To Do In New Hampshire

Published on 2019-06-17



New Hampshire packs plenty of variety into one scenic destination. Whether you are interested in exploring the wilderness, crave adventure, love sailing oceans, and lakes or are a history buff – this New England state has it all. If you're lucky, you may even spot black bears and moose up in the Appalachian Trail! Here are some of the spots you must visit on a trip to New Hampshire.

  1. Mount Washington

This peak stands over 6,000 feet tall, and you can view four states from its summit. There are several trails leading up the mountain but be careful to check the weather conditions, because Mount Washington is notorious for its extreme and unpredictable weather. Most tourists use the popular Cog Railway to reach the top, enjoying the ride in a steam engine, coal-fired train.

  1. Franconia Notch State Park

The White Mountains are home to one of the largest notches, which can be viewed from high above on the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway. At Mount Liberty's base is the Flume Gorge, another amazing sight where the bridges and footpaths enable you to walk past glacial boulders, waterfalls and 90 feet high granite walls. Additionally, there is a beautiful beach with the option to rent a boat, a campground and hiking trails in Franconia Notch.

  1. Strawbery Banke

British settlers named this community in Portsmouth after the strawberries that grew in this place. It is an outdoor museum where you can learn all about the heritage, history, architecture, and crafts of this place between the 17th and 20th centuries. There are 40 buildings and costumed actors that showcase the area's colonial past. When the weather is warm, you can also attend a variety of events in Strawbery Banke.

  1. Santa's Village

Feel Christmas vibes in the midst of summer at this joyous holiday themed park. It is on the list of America's top amusement parks with loads of rides such as the Reindeer Carousel and the Chimney Drop. Have your fill of fun for the whole day under one affordable admission price. The park is open from Memorial Day till Christmas.

  1. Hampton Beach

This popular resort has been a favorite of families for generations. It comes complete with a casino ballroom where you can enjoy live music, comedy and other family entertainment alongside refreshments with a beautiful view of the water from the sandy beach. There is always something interesting happening in this resort town, including concerts, fireworks, and fishing trips into the deep sea. The beach is even transformed into an art gallery every June, with sand sculpting competitions that attract all sorts of contenders.

  1. Currier Museum of Art

This museum houses a vast collection of artistic works. Not only does it house the pieces created by local artists from New Hampshire, there are plenty of European paintings from popular artists such as Monet, Corot, Constable as well as Matisse, Picasso, and O'Keeffe. Paintings, antique furniture crafted in New Hampshire, classics and contemporary art – the Currier museum has wide-ranging collections that cater to every individual's preferences. Additionally, tours to the Zimmerman House can be taken from here, to witness the artistic and historical aspects of Usonian homes designed by the famous Frank Lloyd Wright.

  1. Story Land

Families visiting New Hampshire with kids must take them to Story Land for a fun day inside a fairy tale book. Ride to Cinderella's Castle in the pumpkin coach, let your kids drive an antique car or maneuver a swan boat around the lake. There is no shortage of creative and fun things to do in this park, and the owners keep things interesting by frequently adding new attractions. Children and adults will both find this magical play area to be an unforgettable experience.

  1. Clark's Trading Post and Whale's Tale Water Park

All kinds of fun for people of all ages awaits you at Clark's Trading Post. There are shows every day which feature acrobatic performances, but the main attraction is the trained bears. These adorable bears are skilled in shooting hoops, riding scooters and barrel balancing. This place also has exciting fun houses, a steam train ride, a splash park as well as some great museums.

The Whale's Tale Water Park is nearby where you and your kids can have a world of fun splashing around on a hot summer day. Ride the massive water slides, speed slides, and enjoy the wave pool. There are food options available, and they also offer free parking. If you want to avoid crowds, try to go on a day when the weather is overcast or cloudy. 

  1. Castle in the Clouds

Enjoy the stunning view of Moultonborough from this mansion built in 1918. In addition to that, live music, horse riding, and good food make this dreamy location worth visiting. There are hiking trails, a waterfall, and vistas on the way to the Castle, an Art Gallery and a gift shop if you want to take back some souvenirs. The period furnishings inside the mansion and the hand-crafted elements of its architecture make it truly worth exploring in detail. 

  1. Woodstock Inn, Brewery and Station

Take a brewery tour of Woodstock Inn which started small but now distributes beer throughout New England. The location of the inn was once a house built in the 19th century, and now you can try one of their famous beers, visit the colonial age rooms and try their delicious food.

  1. Polar Caves

Fifty thousand years ago, a glacier wrapped the White Mountains, leaving behind these polar caves when it melted. The park features a multitude of nature trails which visitors can use to explore all the caves and tunnels. Be on the lookout for pheasants and fallow deer you might encounter along the way.

  1. Canoe Trail

From beginners to experts, canoeists of all levels can undertake this long trail which gives you views of mountains, villages, hills, and farmland along the way. Both flat and white-water paddling is included on this route. The Northern Forest Canoe Trail connects 45 communities and 79 water bodies, and although you should get the full experience, you can choose a shorter trip if you want.


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