ESTA Renewal

If your passport or ESTA visa has expired, you may apply for an ESTA renewal. For the ESTA renewal, the same documents you used for your last application is needed. Also, you may renew your ESTA if any legal changes has been made to your passport or you have been issued a new passport. By renewing your ESTA visa, you remove your previous one, and the validity of the travel authorisation starts from the day you receive your new one.



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Why ESTA Renewal?

  • Your passport has expired
  • You have been issued a new passport
  • Your ESTA visa has expired
  • Your legal name has changed
  • Your gender has changed
  • You have changed your citizenship
  • Or changed your answers to the “yes/no” answers in the ESTA application.

ESTA Update

In some cases, you might need or want to update your ESTA. Follow the ESTA update form to update certain information by clicking on the relevant green button. It is not possible to update information on your ESTA application if you are in transit. In addition, you can only update certain travel information, such as your address when staying in the United States, and your email address. It is recommended to always keep your ESTA up to date when travelling, as it is not possible to update your ESTA while in transit.


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What Can You Update In Your ESTA Visa?

  • Your email address
  • Your address of stay in the United States